Research Libraries UK

esearch Libraries UK (RLUK) represents 37 of the leading and most significant research libraries in the UK and Ireland

Research Libraries UK (RLUK) represents 37 of the leading and most significant research libraries in the UK and Ireland.

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We aim to optimise the contribution that research libraries and collections make to the economic, technological and cultural success of the UK and Ireland. There has never been a stronger link between the quality of the information infrastructure for research and digital literacy and the health of the economy.

We are achieving this by working with our members, external institutions and our partners in the community, both nationally and internationally. We are investing in and developing strategic projects, reports and innovations that are fomenting much greater engagement with and services for the research community we serve.

These are exciting times for the research sector. We believe there is so much more that we can do together to shape collections and services in support of academic excellence.

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