Arab Union For Human Resources Development

Arab Union For Human Resources Development

The Leading Training Powerhouse in the Middle East

Establishment of UHRDA:

UHRDA was established in 2008 to contribute to the development of human capital. We aim at improving the human resources efficiency in light of the rapid changes and the winds of globalization.

This achievement of comprehensive and integrated development is done through using modern methods to identify training needs, and recognizing that human beings are the active energy within any organisation, therefore, the need to prepare, build and employ such energies and abilities is the key element in all the achievements.

The Vision:

UHRDA is working towards meeting the human resource future development needs, through implementing unique and integrated training activities, resulting in the increase of the efficiency and effectiveness of the nations human, administrative and social capacities.  

 The Mission:

UHRDA is working in a number of areas including:

  1. Discovering and improving the creativity of the human resource.
  2. Providing administrative, technical and professional advice to public, private and civil society sectors institutions.
  3. Developing the performance efficiency of the leaders in the training curricula according to latest modern sciences.
  4. Management of applied scientific knowledge (all categories), intellectual capital, maintaining the continuity of the development of human minds, and achieving knowledge, ability and will.
  5. Taking advantage of the local, regional and international administrative concepts suitable for the various societies and employing those concepts for the benefit of those societies.
  6. Contributing to the administrative education,and supporting its institutional capacities, resulting in meeting the actual demand in the labor market and achieving professional excellence.
  7. Support the competitiveness of private sector institutions.
  8. Contribute to the application of information technology.
  9. Apply excellence in the management of knowledge.

In this endeavor, UHRDA is committed to all standards of professionalism in accordance to international quality systems for achieving goals and objectives that contribute to the development of human resources.


  • Promoting continuous training to develop the human capacities with the aim of improve the production of goods, services and the dissemination of ideas and concepts.


  • Making training and human resource development an effective tool for administrative reform resulting in the upgrade of quality of goods and services.

  UHRDA`s Roles:

Leadership Role:

This role is represented by the UHRDA's pursuit of new horizons and the introduction of innovative approaches and methods for the development of human resources with the purpose of developing and increasing its effectiveness.

UHRDA has always worked as a link between global trends and local institutions and individuals improving their performance in the field of human resources development.

 Integrated Coordinating Role:

UHRDA is one of the leading institutions working in the field of human resources development. This role includes the provision of opportunities for the exchange of experiences and successful possibilities, and interaction between institutions and individuals working in the area of training.

 Operational Experience:

UHRDA provides consultancy and contractual services to develop operational systems and increase the overall administrative effectiveness of the various institutions.

We also provide administrative development to institutions using experts and specialists in the field of human resource development.

In the field of training, UHRDA designs and provides administrative training services through holding conferences, programs, seminars and workshops in various fields and aspects of administrative and human development.

One of the main areas UHRDA is heavily involved in is the production and development of administrative training tools and aids.

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